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Golan Volcano Run 2019


The Golan Heights are part of a huge volcanic ridge, beginning at Mount Hermon in the north, and ending at the Yarmouch River in the south.

In the midst of this volcanic ridge, we will set out on a challenging race where we will encounter dormant volcanoes, fascinating natural phenomena and spectacular views. Join the experience and run 30km or 15km in a landscape like you've never seen before.

Golan Volcano Run 12.4.2019

The course

The first mountain to be conquered in the race is Tel Shifon. Just before the summit the road splits and leads to two peaks, each offering a completely different and spectacular view - the central and northern Golan Heights.

The second mountain is Tel Yosifoon - an extinct volcano, 981 meters above sea level. From there we will continue to the second ridge (the third ascent, to the wind turbines). From the top of the mountain there is a spectacular view in all directions.

After these breathtaking sights, we will continue on to the fourth ascent - Mount Avital, another dormant volcano. This mountain, together with the adjacent Mount Bental to the south, is the remnant of one volcano that erupted from two openings.

Want some more? The fifth and final climb is to Mount Bental, which has a great café at the summit, as well as excellent views of Syria, the Kuneitra Valley, the Hermon and Golan slopes. On the other side, there is a view of the Galilee and the western Golan.